LEGGYHORSE Decorative Puzzle Collage Picture Frame Sets (5x7", Suction Cube Set, Set of 4)

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Package Including 4 X Picture Frames (for 5"x7" photos); 6 X Connectors (4 x 180°; 2 x 90°); 4 x Inner Pictures; 2 x Screws; 1 x Suction Cube; 1 x Spudger

  • Easy Installation: For suction cube set, the photo frames can be fixed via this powerful suction cube on any smooth and flat surface. The suction cube will cause no damage to the surface. Even if you choose to use the included nail sets, only one or two nails would be enough, which minimizes the surface damage.
  • Infinite Possibilities: You can create thousands of layouts with only 4 frames and original angled connectors as imagination and creativity are needed. Meanwhile, it is also portable and easy to replace photos.
  • Record important moments of life and share them with your family using these photo frames. You could even spend some quality time together with your loved ones by assembling this puzzle photo frame. Every family member could use their creativity to design their own home decor panorama. They could also be an excellent gift for birthdays, weddings and etc.

Note: This product currently only ships to Canada and USA. Please email us if you'd like to purchase them from other countries/regions.